Playlist: An interactive walk through the woods

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For all but the most ardent naturopaths, there are very few walks through the wood that bear repeating. You came. You saw. You conquered, without dying (of boredom). What more could you want? Way To Go distinguishes itself from a typical walk through the woods by making you crave repetition. You walk through a forest on a linear path, inhabiting a white, boxy character. He has the shape of a refrigerator and the physics of Super Mario. You stick to a proscribed path, only being able to look around at that which has been filmed in 360-degrees. Like any walk through the forest, you think you’ve seen everything between points A and B, but Way to Go reveals a completely different side of itself as you retrace your steps. It is natural, virtual, and confounding, the kind of setting you’d walk through again and again.

Perfect for: Nature lovers afflicted with allergies, grown-up kids who want to enjoy Mario’s physics

Playtime: Twenty minutes