Police officer plays out every gamer’s nightmare IRL.

You know what can be the worst? When you’ve lost your perspective in a game and can’t maneuver you/the camera out of your weird quagmire where you’re accidentally running into a wall because you can’t figure out how to swing the camera and then all of a sudden you just get straight SHOT. Maybe that’s just what happens when I play Halo. (FYI, I am terrible at Halo.)

Anyways, a British police officer recently faced a similar situation when he ended up chasing himself for twenty minutes because of a perspective error. Gizmodo reports:

On a cold, dark night on the mean streets of the UK, an undercover police officer was radioed and informed that a potential suspect was close by. Keen to do the right thing, he set off in hot pursuit. Twenty fraught minutes later, he learned he’d been chasing… himself.

The CCTV operator reported to police that someone was ‘acting suspiciously’, according to The Telegraph. Unfortunately, the officer who decided to follow up on the report was actually the shadowy figure in question. Sadly, the name of the officer and exact location haven’t been disclosed, but it happened somewhere in the south of England.

What’s weird is I did basically the same thing in Blood Gulch like, two weeks ago. (I am that bad at Halo.)

[via Gizmodo]

-Drew Millard