PopCap Games to Do Russian Doll "Indie within an Indie" Studio Thing

PopCap Games, makes of the popular Plants Vs. Zombies and Bejeweled franchises, are taking a note from the Disneys of the world and creating a much smaller studio to deliver one-offs and other creative projects that might not fit under the larger brand umbrella.  Titled 4th and Battery, the mini-label has one iOS game on the roster for Unpleasant Horse. It is cryptic indeed, but the whole name-within-a-name thing is not unheard of in games or otherwise. Jason Kapalka, chief creative officer, had this to say:

“4th & Battery is a purely experimental, creative label with none of the typical concerns like schedules, profitability, or even target audience. It’s kind of the video game equivalent of B-sides or short films. Expect weirdness.”