Prehistoric survival sim Before is showing off new screenshots

Before is yet another survival game, but unlike most of the post-apocalyptic zombie fests that dominate the genre now, Facepunch Studios has set their world in a time long before modern civilization even existed: the era of cave-dwellers and mammoths, grass huts and spears.

The latest blog post outlines a few of the primary systems that will drive Before’s prehistoric simulations and provides a glimpse at some of these systems in action. It doesn’t seem like much is happening in the videos, but creator Bill Lowe assures that there’s “a lot going on behind the scenes.” There are also some new screenshots to check out.

In the videos, which you can see on Before’s blog, the game’s newly spawned cave people scurry about a grassy clearing collecting fruit, piling up wood on a fire, and sneaking through the swamplands to avoid a giant crocodile.

All the while, an ambient track layered with swelling strings and slow, melodic keyboard generates a tone of curiosity to mark the early adventures of this young tribe.

According to Lowe, Before’s core systems are the Decision Making system, Smart Objects, and Influence Maps. He doesn’t go into much detail about how these work yet, but does explain how something like influence mapping, along with the AI work the team has been doing, can generate instincts in animals, like herd behavior and avoidance of predators.

Bits and pieces of Before have been floating around the internet for over a year now, but the most substantial look at it came in the form of its first trailer, which premiered during The Game Awards last December.

Lowe writes that the next update should come sometime in September, so if you’re interested in survival sims, keep an eye out.

You can read more about Before on its website.