Prepare for the mind melting audio-visual journey of Panoramical

If you haven’t heard or seen anything from the upcoming Panoramical, then feast your eyes upon an audio-visual chaos that cannot be unseen. Panoramical, created in part by the same man (David Kanaga) behind Proteus‘ emergent soundtrack, casts players as the “ambient disco-god” of various worlds controlled by procedurally-generated trippiness.

According to publisher Adam Saltsman, just a few small, simple inputs from your keyboard and mouse “can produce these huge evolutions of the world you’re in, literally changing things from night to day, from oceans to mountains.” He adds: “The same parameters that control those big visual elements are also the parameters that are powering the audio. There’s no latency or anything: the look, sound, and feel are all 1:1 all the time.”

as much creative self-expression as it is exploration 

Though Panoramical can be played like an exploration game, Argentine designer Fernando Ramallo was heavily inspired by creative software like Photoshop and After Effects while creating the original prototype. The result is a highly gif-able adventure that is as much creative self-expression as it is an exploration of weird multidimensional spaces. “Visualists and projectionists have even used it in live shows over the last few years too, which is awesome!” Saltman says.

When asked what Saltsman is most excited to reveal to players once Panoramical launches on September 17th, he describes a scene that is particularly overwhelming. “Every scene is wonderful in its own way but there’s a handful of ‘places’ you can go to that are just very unique and very memorable,” Saltsman says. “The whole game is transcendent but when the planets align, everything goes up a whole level again, and it just feels amazing. There’s really nothing else like it.”

Panoramical will be available on Steam for Mac and PC next Thursday, September 17th. You can keep an eye out for more micro trailers by following the development blog. To get a taste of the audio-visual experience Panoramical promises to be, you can visit the website.