Proposed app would let you donate unplayed iOS games for charity.

Students at the Miami Ad School have developed a genius idea for the holidays. Called Donation Box, this app would sit on your iDevice home screen and allow you to turn in unused apps in exchange for charity. It’s just a concept and of course, would require Apple’s full cooperation, but it does point to a future where digital goods could be transferrable for any cause — commercial, charity or otherwise. One of the team’s member’s told PSFK:

This increasingly digital generation has the tendency to lose touch with the physical world. The Donation Box takes this symbol of our digital consumerism, unneeded applications, and brings them back to the real world. And at the same time it does it altruistically. All that was left was to come up with a simple UI mechanic and bingo, there you have it.

Novel idea for the yuletide. Watch their mock spot below.