The PS4’s slanted design perfects form and function

In case you’ve missed the lines of sleepless people standing outside your local big box store, the PlayStation 4 launches tomorrow. And if you haven’t noticed, (and at this point you’re not too observant are you?), Sony’s new monolithic gaming machine is slanted. But this is more than a stylish decision. This slight sideways tilt has a functional advantage.

Toshimasa Aoki of Sony told VentureBeat that the shape serves several purposes, including staggering the power and eject buttons so you don’t press one instead of the other. On the back end, the overhanging ledge hides the unsightly large connectors for the cables. Sit the console upright and the ledge makes it easier to plug and unplug cables, so Aoki claims. But all that’s accessory. The important thing is that the machine looks elegant. And does it!