More mass transit should feature free augmented reality games

To attract more people to take the bus, the public transit system in Aberdeen, Scotland placed augmented reality technology at the backs of the bus seats and allows passengers to view interactive videos when they scan the trigger with their smart devices. The onboard entertainment systems were first placed on First Aberdeen buses, which feature free WiFi.

To stream the channel of interactive videos, passengers need to first download the free First Scotland augmented reality app from Google Play or the App Store and then scan the trigger with their smart devices.

The interactive video channel include videos containing interviews with staff, information about the services, movie trailers or schedules. Passengers can also buy movie tickets through the channel or just surf the internet.

The AR channel adds a bit more fun to bus rides or commuting and attracts more customers.


First Aberdeen

Source, Images: The Telegraph

This post was originally written by Leah Gonzalez for PSFK.