Style Savvy is a much-needed dose of beauty therapy

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Style Savvy (Nintendo 3DS)


What if I told you that a magical place existed where the makeovers flow like wine, and boutique shopping lives in a world where strip malls don’t exist. The place is Beaumonde City, and the game is the latest installment of Nintendo’s 3DS fashion sim, Style Savvy. Like past titles, you are a boutique manager helping every customer who walks through the door find exactly what she needs to put her best fashion foot forward. Aside from a slew of a thousand or so new articles of clothing, the latest edition also adds a few jobs to your list. You are not only the clothing manager, but also a hairdresser and makeup artist. While the new mechanics take some practice to master, it pays off when watching your masterpieces walk around town decked head-to-toe in your unique stylings.

Perfect for: Fashionistas, Kim Kardashian Hollywood fans, dollhouse enthusiasts

Playtime: Dozens of hours