Southern Rap Map #4: Dorrough

Welcome back to the Rap Map! Today, we talk to Dallas, TX’s own Dorrough, who talked about playing videogames with Slim Thug, gambling against Ace Hood, and his debilitating Angry Birds addiction. 

Do you play videogames with other rappers?
The last rappers who I played a videogame with were probably Gorilla Zoe or Slim Thug. 

Who’s the best gamer between you three?
At the time, I was. 

Slim Thug always says he’s the boss of everything, and so was it disheartening for him to lose in a game?
Yeah, it’s gotta be. Any time he loses at anything, he doesn’t take too kindly to it. 

Does Slim Thug have a temper?
He doesn’t have a temper, it’s just like we’re all competitive, and if we’re playing a game, or have some type of bet on somebody else playing a game, we all feel a certain way about it. But that’s just the way we are. 

So you gamble on games?
Yeah, I gamble when I get the chance. Actually, I won money when the Mavericks beat Miami. I bet against Ace Hood. I lost money the other day when the Cowboys got beat. I always bet on sports games-not really video games. I’m not confident enough to bet on a video game until I master it. If it was back in the day, I put some money on 007, I was killin’ everybody; I’d never lose at that. Until I master a game, I won’t bet nobody. 

How do you spend your free time away from the studio?
If I’m not working on music, I spend a lot of time playin’ basketball or playin’ videogames. I really be on the iPad a lot. I play Angry Birds-I’m addicted to that game. I played earlier this morning, actually. I also have the Modern Warfare games for the iPad.

What else do you use your iPad for?
It’s convenient, you know? Pretty soon, it’ll probably replace the laptop. If you like playin’ games or you fly a lot, you can watch movies, play games…if the plane has wifi you can be on the internet real easy. It’s small, too.

Dorrough’s most recent mixtape, the DJ Drama-hosted Silent Assassin, dropped in August.

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-Drew Millard