Rap Map #6: Treal Lee and Prince Rick

“Walk around the club, fuck er’rbody!” These are the immortal words that announced Treal Lee and Prince Rick to the world, via their single “Thowed Off (Fuck Errbody).” Treal Lee discussed his favorite Pokémon (Bulbasaur and/or Squirtle), who’s the better gamer between he and his rap partner (it depends), and which classic game he’s got no love for (Zelda). 

Do you play videogames?
Yeah, we played ’em when we was little, but we don’t really play like that, we be gone a lot. We got homeboys and stuff like that and they play games. Madden and NBA and shit like that. Halo.

What’d you play when you were younger?
I used to play Pokémon. Red, blue, Yellow. But I really had the red and blue one, with the Bulbosaur. I was real big on Super Mario, too.

Who was your favorite Pokémon?
Bulbasaur, or whatever that blue one was that looked a turtle. That was the shit right there. I liked Mortal Kombat, too. I used to go hard on that back in the day.

Between you and Prince Rick, who is better at games?
We probably be on the same level when it comes to games. I really like the racecar games-that’s what I was good at. I didn’t like them adventure games, I never played them. What was that game, Xena? It was like an adventure game for Nintendo 64.

Do you mean Zelda?
Yeah, that thing was really hard for me.

Everybody played Zelda, though.
I had it, but I couldn’t beat it. I know everybody was on that Zelda hard. 

It really was a time commitment.
You just had to sit down and play that shit. I couldn’t do that. Mario Kart was my shit, though. That’s a game that we’d play today if I could find my Nintendo 64. 

If you guys could have your own video game, what would it entail?
Man, I don’t even know. I’d make something like Grand Theft Auto but with Boyz N da Hood. It’d be crazy. You’d be your own character and steal cars and motorcycles and stuff like that.

You can watch the video for “Thowed Off (Fuck Everybody)” here.

-Drew Millard