Avast! On the horizon, a new gaming journal!

If you are a videogame nerd you will love Well Played. And When I say nerd, I don’t mean everybody who plays videogame players, but those who enjoy exploring the esoteric realm of videogame study (ludologists and narratologists, you know who you are). 

A description of the journal from their website:

The Well Played Journal is a forum for in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. It is a reviewed journal open to submissions that will be released on a regular basis with high-quality essays.

Contributors are encouraged to analyze sequences in a game in detail in order to illustrate and interpret how the various components of a game can come together to create a fulfilling playing experience unique to this medium. Through contributors, the journal will provide a variety of perspectives on the value of games.

You can buy their latest volume here.