Realm of LARP dabbles in magic and "reality"


If you were anything like me as a child, your parents dragged you to LARP in the forest on weekends when you would’ve much rather been at home playing videogames. “It’s just like a videogame, except in real life!” They would try to explain, hoping you’d find the RPG-elements shared between videogames and LARP as fodder enough to pique your interest.

If you were anything like me, their appeals fell on deaf ears. You hated foam swords and wearing heavy-cloth cloaks in the dry, summer heat. If you were anything like me, you would’ve thrown a tantrum in the middle of a wizard battle or treasure-hunting quest. You hated LARP, but now, as an adult with nominal maturity, you’ve grown to appreciate it.

Ok— you probably weren’t like me as a kid at all, but you should appreciate LARP regardless: Like SCA or historical reenactment, LARP attracts a distinct demographic that is equal-parts nerdery and theatricality. These folks are passionate, skilled, and often endearingly awkward… or sometimes none of the above! LARPers run the gamut— and what better subject for a reality series than of their high fantasy drama and confessional interviews? Realm of LARP, a new series focused on a group of LARPers, is a perfect fit for our reality series era because really, isn’t all “reality” just LARP without goblins?

[via Laughing Squid]