Recreate a 20-year-old joke in virtual reality, feel dead inside immediately afterward

A Night at the Roculus lets you slide a $350 virtual reality headset on and recreate that head-knocking Chris Kattan joke from mid-90s Saturday Night Live. It counts your “nods” and “pecks” as you jerk your head to the beat of the immortally corny track “What Is Love” by Haddaway. As Chris Kattan, et al, did 20 years ago. [Exuent readers.]

I mean, that’s it. Yucks like this are as good as they are bad. On one hand, VR ought to be fun, and funny, and absurd; it ought to catch people’s attention. And inasmuch as this encourages people to jerk their heads around while wearing a fetishized piece of equipment, risking breaking it, and flagrantly disregards the fact that moving your head around while in VR creates nausea, this is in fact funny. Because fuck the paradigm, right? On the other hand, of course, if VR is to succeed as a new medium, gimmicky stuff won’t put up the best public face. Rather than doing something new with the technology, it laughs at the equipment. 

In the meantime, if you are the owner of several DK2 Oculus Rifts and are putting on an event in a public space, there are worse focal points for said event than this free game.