Recruiters would rather just let you fight it out in job simulations.

For nearly twenty years, French cosmetics empire L’Oreal has apparently been using a game to recruit the employee who can shoot their brand into the next dimension. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the game called Brandstorm (bold added for clarity, pizzazz) is great at naming winners, applicants who can embody the incredibly literal role of the competitive, ambitious international brand manager who’s got the killer instinct to repackage a product for a whole new generation of consumers (not to mention just being good a micromanagement and system games). Ostensibly an even better determinate of who will take L’Oreal to Mars, their new one called Reveal gets into the finer points of marketing strategies. Really though, it looks like just a lot of hanging out in an alternative business environment.

L’Oreal spokesperson Laurence Balmayer says Reveal is “the first ever multi-disciplinary digital platform which allows players to undergo a professional career discovery experience within the context of an international business like L’Oréal.”

“These business games have successfully attracted a diverse pool of young talents and have opened up all these participants to the universe of L’Oréal,” Balmayer said. L’Oréal is consistently ranked among the most desirable companies to work for in the world.

Here’s looking forward to the their next title: Worm Hole, where applicants will take L’Oreal to the outer limits of space-time, and learn how to push cosmetics onto new lifeforms. Oh wait, that’s called Spore.