Relive the Virtual Boy in its original retina-burning glory on Oculus Rift

Yeah, yeah. The Oculus Rift has the capacity to radically reshape the way we experience games and all. But what I’m really stoked about is using it to finally replay twenty-year-old Virtual Boy games as they were intended.

That dream is coming true thanks to the VBjin-OVR Virtual Boy Emulator for the Rift, developed by the shadowy “jaymat.” The Virtual Boy, if you weren’t alive when it released, was Nintendo’s red-tinted, quasi-VR device, and it was pretty much dead on arrival. We had a fantastic article on it and all the awkward neck positioning in issue 4. And the Virtual Boy is worth reviving in a more comfortable fashion, as it had some great forgotten games like Mario Clash, and Wario Land.

You can give it a whirl here.