Thick Russian accents, outstanding videogame podcasts, and Half-Life X Doom

First up. Metro: Last Light looks smoking hot. Those thick Eastern European accents and underground conduits just ooze atmosphere. Most anticipated game this year.

A director’s cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to Wii U, and the infuriating, outsourced, hard as shit boss fights have been revised. Hopefully the director also cut Letita the trash lady.

After what seems like years, A Life Well Wasted has returned, and so has Robert Ashley’s pitch-perfect pretense of indolence. This episode has interviews with John Romero, Ulillillia, and a guy who took shrooms.

More great game podcasting can be found on Brainy Gamer’s podcast #40, where a raspy Tom Bissell raps with the soft-spoken host about auteurism, the difference between an 8 and a 9, and the next next-gen.

From brainy to scurvy, Ron Gilbert’s making a new iOS game about pirates. He’s calling it a SSITVTDTUSS:AMMTPRPG.

In other news, Half-Life  + Doom  = OMG!!!!

Researchers at UNC have found that people get a pleasure spike after pain. So that’s why I loved to hate Dark Souls.

To get around the App Store’s policy against political apps, Game the News has changed the name of Endgame: Syria to Endgame: Eurasia. A genocidal poli-game by any other name?

From the diligent women of yesteryear’s workforce (whose job title were “computer”), to the tablets and phones of today, computer interface has definitely come a long way.

Finally, Katamari creator and Glitch co-conspirator Keita Takahashi has made a new multiplayer arcade game using joysticks with a lot of glowing buttons. Can’t wait to play that thing!