A ridiculous person has played Black Ops 2 for 136 hours straight

Hero to some, unbelievable weirdo to more, a man named Okan Kaya, from Sydney, Australia, set the world record for the longest video game sesh by pumping out 136 consecutive hours on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

After failing to attract the sponsorship of retailers – who were fearful of being associated with “addictive gaming” – his employer let him use a meeting room, where he caught naps in a sleeping bag and sipped only a few energy drinks that had been sent to him.

The key to endurance, Mr Kaya said, was light and healthy meals, and bouts on a treadmill.

No matter what you make of Kaya’s feat, it is certainly impressive, in the sense that it “makes an impression.” What I find particularly impressive is that Kaya performed his tantric gaming on a game as nigh-intolerable as CoD:BO2. I believe my longest gaming marathon was a bout of Halo 3 that lasted no more than ten hours.

At any rate, here are a bunch of things that are equal to 136 hours, to give you a sense of scale for the accomplishment.

-Enough time to watch the entire extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy twelve times. And then to watch the extended Fellowship and grab a soda.

-Enough time to fly from New York to Singapore seven times. 

-Enough time to drive from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Tegucigalpa, Hondruas, and get a good night’s sleep after.

-Enough time to play the Black Ops 2 campaign 20 times.

-Five mayfly lifespans.