Road Not Taken brings smart puzzles, adorable woodland creatures to PS4 August 6th

Developer Spry Fox is known for making brilliant, deep puzzle games with deceptively cutesy animals in them, and Road Not Taken looks like their most robust offering to date. Their area of expertise is not only in crafting ingenious puzzles, but also in experimenting with ways to make you feel emotions other than satisfaction as you play. 

For instance, while Road Not Taken on its face appears to be a brainy turn-based, top-down puzzler, but designer Daniel Cook says it is inspired by his disillusionment that he would live a “very traditional Norman Rockwell-style life.” This is not typical material for a genre about grids and blocks. The game is also coming to Steam and Vita in August.

Here’s the announcement for the PS4 game:

And here’s the previous, less obviously Randy Savage-inspired trailer, with more footage of the game.