This spinner robot can run faster than you. Good thing it looks like Kirby.

Is it just me or are there more than a few similarities between this rolling robot and Nintendo’s shapeshifting mascot Kirby? It’s round. It’s pink. And it has transformed from a ball into a tire that spins incredibly fast, which is the best Kirby power-up, easily.  

This version of Sphero, the 2B, which is controlled wirelessly by an app on your phone, can do a mile in 6 minutes flat and has rugged tires equipped for any terrain, meaning that you can’t outrun this baby unless you are a high school athlete. Luckily, it’s cute and has good intentions. While this robot poses little threat to humanity, we are concerned about the danger of one based on some of Kirby’s other maneuvers, such as flapping skyward and transforming into a 100 pound weight above your head.