Dog Opera

Please give a round of apaws for David Kanaga’s dog opera videogame

Have you ever been to the dog opera before? Well, you simply must go! If you haven’t, David Kanaga has you covered. Co-creator of Proteus (2013) and Panoramical (2015), Kanaga will be showing off the Oik OS Book during the Fantastic Arcade from September 26-29th in Austin TX. According to the information provided by the Fantastic Arcade website, Kanaga’s game “is a dog opera computer game for Mac OS and Windows. It is the first book of a planned series about getting the household in order.”

an interesting display of four-legged friends

The Fantastic Arcade curates a selection of independent games from upcoming game makers and designers that offer something different and interesting. The event treats games as a medium akin to independent films—so an interactive dog opera won’t be barking up the wrong tree. But what exactly is a dog opera? Kanaga’s website for the project offers a few glimpses: upon entering the site, a wave of sporadic-sounding notes flood the room. Illustrations of dogs and a slow moving GIF featuring what I can only assume is screenshots from the opera are featured as well.

Screenshot (20)

If the cryptic website above is a little too confusing, there’s a video on the Fantastic Arcade website. It’s a serene, minute-long video with a goat and a rabbit perched on the edge of a cliff, enjoying the sunset and gazing across a body of water. The background music is silly but fits the tone. There is a lack of good boys in this preview but one thing is for sure: the Oik OS Book will be an interesting display of four-legged friends.

For more information on David Kanaga’s project, click here.