Routine, the indie horror game set on the moon, will be the "Moon" of gaming

Did you see Moon? It was a little sci-fi thriller directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s kid!) and it starred Sam Rockwell as a guy on a mine on the moon in the near future and Kevin Spacey as his robot frenemy. It paid tender tribute to the greats of heady 70s and 80s scifi, but was very much its own film, funny, sad, and scary. 

Routine is an upcoming indie game about finding out what happened on an abandoned moon base. It looks like a lot of great 70s and 80s scifi:

Routine’s moon base will occupy a middle ground between the scummy warrens of an urban cyberpunk neo-pit and the shining idealism of the Federation. The moon base is a pragmatic construction. It’s a mix of cold boardrooms, futuristic hallways and ominous engine rooms. Imagine the gleaming white bulkheads of the U.S.S. Enterprise browned by age and sweat, scarred by overpopulation and thrown into disrepair by an unknown catastrophe.

Games have been doing big blockbuster scifi thing for long enough; even Dead Space owes more to Aliens than 2001. It’s about time we got some moody, weird future shock.