For the gamer who has everything, a coffee table that works like a Rubik’s Cube

If you’re one of those talented individuals who can solve a Rubiks Cube in under a minute, here is a new challenge for you. Designed by architect Alberto Dias Riberio, the ‘Puzzle’ table is an interchangeable coffee table that is made up of 125 cubes and can be transformed in almost infinite ways. With five distinct parts, this contemporary piece of furniture can easily double as an art sculpture, perfect for urban decor.

Handcrafted and signed by the creator, this unusual project breaks down to 4 removable components and a center core. Experimenting with new techniques of interactive art, Riberio specifically designed the ‘Puzzle’ table to be in sync with its users, living in close interaction with every creative moment and architectural discovery.

Take a look at the gorgeous design of the table below.

‘Puzzle’ table for KUB

Source: Dailytonic

Images: KUB

This post was originally written by Serena Chu for PSFK.