The Sailor’s Dream is wistful and Mystful and out next week

Acclaimed designer Simogo has a tradition of haunting beauty (see Exhibit A) and intricately woven narratives (see Exhibit B), which is why we’re excited by the latest glimpse of their next project. A new trailer for The Sailor’s Dream has set sail today, telling of its expected arrival on November the 6th, and O, but it looks enchanting.

The visuals are maritime and romantic, evoking all good of New England save for their freshest love. The vocals are lilting and sweet, coupling the salty atmosphere of the sea. In The Sailor’s Dream players will explore a mystery at their own pace, beholden only to curiosity. No timeclock ticks. No enemies prick. The only call is the past.

The tender pastoral milieu of The Sailor’s Dream is especially bolstering in this Clime of Cthulhu, where Rhode Island is more likely to be besieged by tentacled beasts than contemplated or cared for. More information on the game’s musical score and a new batch of screens depicting impossible lighthouses atop chalk-white cliffs can be found on Simogo’s devblog.