Salesforce’s chief scientist on not putting the "lipstick of gamification on the pig of work"

Area/Code co-founder Kevin Slavin posted observations on a video of’s chief scientist on the problem of “gamification.” JP Rangaswami says:

“I have neither the intent or wish to put the lipstick of gamification on the pig of work because the solution is not to make work a pig and the solution is not to make gamification lipstick. Both of these solutions are available to us.”

Slavin points out that what Rangaswami says is in sharp contrast to what his presenter says he will say:

“Up next, a presentation on social gaming, which is a very exciting discipline. I like to build game theory and functionality into all my platforms and new social networks so I can basically leverage my user base with badges, scores and scoreboards and things in order to continue to exploit and monetize things. Very exciting.”