Storybundle brings a stellar holiday collection of games writing

Last year we were featured in the first videogame StoryBundle. Now that bundle has swung back round the bend as the Videogame Bundle 1.0 Rewind, curated by Simon Carless. It features our own print issue #2 at the $3 level, adding issue #6 if you pay over $12.

And rounding out the bundle are books by Ralph Baer, Jordan Mechner, Brendan Keogh, Jamie Russell, and more. That’s $12 for ten books. That’s enough reading to accompany you during the holidays while you’re curled up on a chair, in the throes of a family overdose. The Rewind bundle will be your friend. 

This bundle is only live for 8 days, so if you like reading and you like games (which, if you’re here…) grab it at StoryBundle.