Sara is Missing is some good text-message horror

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Sara is Missing (Windows, Mac, iOS)


Films like Unfriended and the recent Blair Witch have tried to bring the found footage genre into the digital age with varying success. But the attempt seems much more at home in Sara is Missing, a free game by Monsoon Lab. In it, you come upon a phone with an Intelligent Recognitive Iconolatry System (I.R.I.S.) that takes you through its owner’s last known whereabouts and moments. Best played on an Android device (but available otherwise), Sara is Missing takes the familiarity of your phone’s home screen and turns it into something alien and horrifying. With a mystery that unfolds with incredible pacing and broken text message speak, the game compels you to keep clicking through Sara’s life even while your heart screams, “delete, delete, delete!”

Perfect for: Milennials, iOS systems, anyone with a phone

Playtime: 10 minutes