Expel dumb kids to meet funding goals in satirical school management sim

The problems with the nation’s school systems are wide and oft the subject of a good argument, so of course someone is making a satirical game about it. 

No Pineapple Left Behind is a charter school-funding sim from the devs who previously made Neocolonialism, a digital board game about devastating the global economy. This one sounds equally socially focused, although on a local scale, as you play as a sinister principal in charge of overseeing that your students perform admirably on standardized test lest they change from well-mannered pineapples into noisome kids. (Thus the “no pineapple” pun.) 

The game is still in the very early stages of development but promises to deliver satirical ribbings such as hiring cops to turn your bad kids back into good fruit. Should be fun, unless you’re my father, in which case you’d likely adamantly disagree with everything this game is trying to say.