Science Fiction vs. Fantasy: Finally a March Madness bracket you care about

OK, that’s presumptuous and headline-grabby and probably not true at all. College basketball is a fine, fine sport, especially this time a year. It’s just I thought our readership would potentially get more out of i09’s amazing March Madness bracket, which pits your favorite sci-fi characters against your favorite fantasy characters that will lay the wood on one another. 

I was initially disappointed to find that this would not be settled by logic but folks democratically voting in an Internet-wide fan-gasm, but its hard not to be excited about the potential match-ups. Discworld could face The Neverending Story in the Sweet 16, but Princess Bride won’t make that easy. And I feel downright sorry for Babylon 5, up against top-ranked Star Wars in the first round. This should be fun to watch.

img via Brony-327