Dronie: the selfie with drone capabilities

Vimeo has 49,868 pages of channels, which could be quite daunting for the casual browser to sift through. Using buzz words like “drones” or “selfie” will narrow your choices quite a bit, but it’s when you put them together that things really get interesting. In fact, you might just find a whole new culture you never knew existed, like “Dronies.”

According to Alex Dao, self-proclaimed creator of the Dronie Vimeo channel, Dronies combine the self-centered act of taking a selfie with the capability of a drone. One of the more conventional uses of drones has been to use them to take “super selfies,” using the aircraft to capture the whole environment around you. Though there are currently only nine uploaded videos, the channel’s content has received over 400 likes and more than 385,000 views in its first week.

If you’re lucky enough to own a drone, create your own Dronie by navigating your remote controlled, camera-equipped device to take a picture of you from afar. View all the Dronie videos here, or check out select Dronie videos below.

Vimeo – Dronie

This post was originally written by Tiffany Nesbit for PSFK.