Send adorable adventurers to their sprightly little deaths in Lucky Frame’s new game

The Nightmare Cooperative is the newest game from the British studio Lucky Frame, who have made a name on creating colorful, thoughtfully composed iOS experiences. (Bad Hotel remains the greatest tower defense/beatmaking hybrid, like, ever.) Their newest appears to be no different, sending a group of adventurers out into the woods on an errand of … well, whatever. The story ain’t the draw here. Like Threes!, you move all of the characters across the grid at once; like Wayward Souls or 868-Hack, it promises an intriguing variation on the ever-popular roguelike genre. Roguelike purists will be delighted to know that the designers refer to it as “brutally difficult.”

The three-person team originally developed the game for a jam, which you can still play here. The full version hits Steam on July 16, but you can see more of the almost-papercraft-lovely hellscape below.