Sesame Street is finally getting the interactivity children really love.

In its (allegedly) last Consumer Electronics Show presentation ever this week, Microsoft unveiled this gem produced in partnership with the Sesame Workshop, a proposed “two-way television” to create interactive episodes of Sesame Street:

A demonstration involved a girl throwing pretend coconuts at a television set equipped with Microsoft’s device. The fruits appeared on screen and were caught by the puppet Grover.

The girl could control how high the coconuts were thrown and could also refuse to take part, causing other characters to become involved in the scenario.

Users can also visit Elmo’s world where their movements cause colours and shapes to be seen on screen while the puppets talk to them.

The turning point was the introduction of Microsoft’s ambitious new Kinect technology. “For a pre-schooler having to deal with a physical controller can be very challenging,” one Sesame Workshop officer told the reporter. “Movement is natural to them and getting up and off the couch and active is also something we are very interested in encouraging.”

Watch the full video below, courtesy of Gamespot.

Yannick LeJacq

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