Simogo further teases their cryptic Device 6 follow-up The Sailor’s Dream

How much is this? This is not much. 

But it’s more of the new Simogo game, so we’re into it. Today the Device 6 and Year Walk devs published a blog post that essentially says, “We’ve been quiet for awhile; the reason for this is that we’ve chosen to be quiet.” It is not, in short, illuminating. However, they also dropped this teaser for The Sailor’s Dream, which consists of a gruff male voice, pining for a lost “she,” and a brief warble of romantic music. This appears to be a love story, in other words. If it’s told with anything like the delicateness and nuance of their previous work, it could be mighty powerful.

They do note that they’re “very far along with the project”—to the point of “polishing, testing and squashing bugs!” (emphasis theirs).