Slavoj Žižek actually has a Call of Duty poster in his living room.

Who knows why the endearingly blustery 21st-century philosopher from Slovenia hung a poster of Call of Duty: Black Ops in his living room? Either way, according to this recent Guardian profile, the celebrated/ridiculed genius/”Borat of philosophy” does indeed have the poster. We can only hope that he’s spent at least a shred of time pondering the addictive shooter/narrative of violent global conspiracy. Please, feel free to speculate. 

Now he’s back in the living room, a clinically tidy little sliver of functional space lacking any discernible aesthetic, the only concessions being a poster for the video game Call Of Duty: Black Ops, and a print of Joseph Stalin. Žižek pours Coke Zero into plastic McDonald’s cups decorated in Disney merchandising, but when he opens a kitchen cupboard I see that it’s full of clothes.

“I live as a madman!” he exclaims, and leads me on a tour of the apartment to demonstrate why his kitchen cabinets contain only clothing. “You see, there’s no room anywhere else!” And indeed, every other room is lined, floor to ceiling, with DVDs and books; volumes of his own 75 works, translated into innumerable languages, fill one room alone.

[via The Guardian]