#Everest asks if you’d die for the selfie that gets you famous

First you tested your Olympic skills from your seat, now you can summit Mt. Everest from the safety of your home—and take some bomb selfies along the way. The latest from independent game studio Team Dogpit, survival sim #Everest challenges you to climb the highest mountain on Earth and get internet famous along the way. Equip yourself and your guides with everything you need to make it to the top and look awesome doing it.

Your objective is simple: rack up a high score by getting as many social media likes on selfies taken during your ascent as humanly possible. But be careful when planning your trip—as in life, it is imperative to leave space in your pack for necessary supplies and gear. What’s the use of going viral if you’re dead?

What’s the use of going viral if you’re dead?

With inventory space limited to what you and your three teammates can carry between the four of you, #Everest is a game about choice. Choose your props wisely—what will earn your selfies the most likes? What equipment do you need to make it up the mountain to the next photo-op? These are the questions that you must ask yourself before you start your long climb up Everest, which could very well kill you.

#Everest twitter screencap

Once you begin, there is no turning back. The mountain, called “Holy” by local populations, has no sympathy for the selfie-taker who dallies too long waiting for the perfect sunset shot. The temperature drops steeply at nightfall, reaching as low as -62°C, so setting up camp in good time is a must. High altitude turns breathing into a workout; with altitude sickness always threatening, bringing ample oxygen should be high priority … but maybe not as high priority as those sweet shutter shades.

Post the pictures you take in-game to the player character’s Twitter account, @HashtagEverest, or connect your own Twitter feed and post to it through the game.

Gather your gear and set out for the summit here.

#Everest "Take a selfie?"