Soda Drinker PRO!, the finest soda-drinking simulation ever, is here and nothing will ever be the same

Once in a long while, a game appears that changes the way we think about gaming, about storytelling, about, I daresay, life itself. 

Soda Drinker PRO! is not that game. Instead, it’s a five-level first-person soda-drinking simulation (coded in a 19 hour binge of frenzied genius) in which you can 1. put the can of soda to your mouth 2. sip from the can of soda 3. walk around and 4. collect Bonus Soda for a prize of Bonus Soda.

I can without a doubt say that Soda Drinker PRO is the greatest soda drinking simulation ever created, and that it features the best soda drinking in a castle ever coded. If you get stuck, there’s a walkthrough below.