Novelty Dark Souls Cafe looks to be From Software’s darkest and most brutal experience yet

If you thought Dark Souls was scary, try shoveling this down your gullet. On January 6th, a cafe in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, will reopen as Dark Souls Cafe, selling dark fantasy-themed dishes for a limited time only. Originally an Australian-themed bar, OZ Cafe will swap its signature items like “Ayer’s Rock Omellette” for “Successors of the Sun,” “Black Dragon Kalameet Arm,” and more. OZ Cafe seems to pride itself on its atmosphere, so hopefully it does right by the franchise and loads it up with things that kill you.

That is, if the food doesn’t. This appears to be a plate of baby corn, corn kernels, and un-ripened cherry tomatoes splashed with stomach bile. 

Hopefully the yellowish tint of the Estus flask just means it’s apple juice.