Someone beat Dark Souls in 32 minutes and nothing will ever be the same again

Beating Dark Souls took me a month and a half. The opportunity cost was… high. The personal cost was… high. The emotional cost was… high. 

Speed Demos Archive has released a video of some person, nay, some champion, defeating From Software’s magnum opus in less time than it takes me to commute to work. Yes, yes, there are nerdy quibbles, mainly that the person uses a little-known glitch to skip most of the game’s daunting endgame. Seriously, though, this is the perfect example of my postulation that speed runs are the real eSports. Can you fathom the amount of time it took this person, nay, this champion, to combine the physical skill, memorization, and muscle memory necessary to accomplish such a feat?

We here at Kill Screen take our hats off to you, champion. You are the Michael Jordan of gaming.