Someone got Sam Houser to talk, a lot! about the making of Vice City

It’s almost as hard to get Rockstar head honcho Sam Houser to talk at length as it is to get a picture of him – only a handful are floating around the internet. That’s why Edge’s quasi-oral history of GTA: Vice City with Houser is such a coup. This thing is full of gems, but my favorite is the story of his first meeting with Ray Liotta at Peter Luger’s in Williamsburg:

One of the people I met because I had to meet him was Ray Liotta because he was going to be Tommy Vercetti and I remember he demanded to meet me. And so Dan [Houser], a couple of the other guys and I went out for dinner with him and he took us to Peter Luger’s, which is like an olde worlde steakhouse in Brooklyn, just the other side of the Williamsburg Bridge. Now I don’t know if you go to these places in New York but they are always packed and even if you have a table booked for 8:30 you’re going to be sitting down for 9:45 – that’s sort of how it goes. And they’re kind of slightly rude, and people buy into that. So we were in there on our own, and it was packed, and we were like four little kids – the waiters were just walking over us. Then Ray Liotta waltzed in and took us all straight to the best table, and I was so energised that I just flew in on him, explaining what we were about and what the game was about. I remember him saying to Dan the next day, “God, your brother’s a fucking lunatic”.

The whole thing is here.