Someone made a top-down roguelike dark sci-fi shooter that just made me wet myself

It’s called Teleglitch and it looks like this:

The plot sounds like the best movie never made:

See the future where humanity is controlled by cold, dark mega-corporations. One of them is Miliary Technology Incorporated (aka Militech), one of the world’s largest military research organizations, specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation and nonhuman combatants (zombies, cloned battle organisms, robots etc). Far out in the edge of colonized space lies Medusa 1-C, a cheap planet with lethal atmosphere. There is only one building on the entire planet – a huge military research & training complex. Unfortunately, something goes very wrong in that base. All you know is that most of the facility personnel have been killed, microchipped and reactivated as combatants by the central processing AI of the facility. Except for yourself, a scientist with an incredibly strong will to survive.