Sony’s surprise unveiling is the artsy game Entwined. Oh, and it’s already out. Surprise!

Sony both announced and released its artsy new indie game at their E3 press conference yesterday. Called Entwined, it tells the story of impossible love between a bird and a fish—and before you start rolling your eyes, know that there’s a dragon lovechild involved. Similar to the unique controls of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, players use the dual analogue sticks to bring the two star-crossed lovers together through increasingly difficult obstacles. There are a total of nine levels, or ‘lifetimes,’ through which to guide and unite these goo-goo-eyed pieces of carefully folded paper.

The game is also a debut for Pixelopus, Sony’s small new internal studio made up of mostly Carnegie Mellon students. It’s up on PS4 now, with PS3 and Vita versions coming soon.