Hey, it’s the Rap Map! Today, Ian Cohen chats with Mista 2 Lettaz of Huntsville, AL’s G-Side, whose innovative techno-soul beats and unique flows combine to form what they call “The Slow-Motion Sound,” about his favorite games, what games his enemies might play, and why he’d want to be Freddie Gibbs in Grand Theft Auto.

How often do you play videogames, and what do you play?
Not really a big videogame fan. I was a big fan of the Madden series, GTA and Call of Duty, but the more serious I got about music the less I played. 

Has any game resonated with you to the point that you rapped about it?
I may have spit a Madden line somewhere in the past but I can’t recall any off the top of my head. 

What games did you play when you were younger?
When I was younger I was into fighting games. Tekkin, Mortal Kombat, etc. 

Do you ever play against your fans?
Yea I’ve murked a few fans in Black Ops online. They probably murked me more though.  

 Think of your biggest enemy in hip-hop-what do you think he or she plays?
I don’t have any enemies but if I did he’d probably be one of those Final Fantasy playin’ muthafukaz, ha.

What’s the realest shit that’s ever gone down around you as a result of a videogame?
I’ve seen multiple fist fights break out over Madden, and people have been put out of the studio for getting their asses kicked in Mortal Kombat and getting upset.

Is there a specific game that’s the default in your crew?
Right now the studio is heavy on Mortal Kombat. Mali damn near has tournaments in his room.

Did you ever play the Wu-Tang fighting game on Playstation? What about that G-Unit game?
Nope and don’t plan to!

Which rapper do you think would be the most effective character in Grand Theft Auto?
f I couldn’t be myself I’d probably be Gangsta Gibbs, ‘cause he’s “187-proof,” haha.

And feel free to add anything else you’d like. Thanks! Looking forward to Island.
Be on the lookout for a G-Side song on the MLB 2K12.

G-Side’s Island drops in November.

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-Ian Cohen