It’s time for the second installment of the Rap Map, where we talk to rappers from every region of the world (North America is the whole world, right? Cool.) about their favorite videogames. We’re starting with the South, and today we talk with Paper Route Gangstaz, a rap group from Huntsville, AL who made a mixtape with the popular DJ Diplo, entitled Fear and Loathing in HustsVegas. Rappers Jhi-Ali and Gun of the group spoke with Kill Screen about gaming while ingesting recreational substances, and the NC-17 game they’d make.

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What games do you play these days?

Jhi-Ali: You know we still be on like the Maddens and shit like that.

Gunt: We been in the studio, we been gettin’ it in and shit, we been fallin’ off our gaming, but you know, we fuck around heavy with them sports. We big FIFA fans, we on that soccer real good, know what I’m saying? We do them goddamn throwbacks, too-Mortal Kombat, you know what I’m sayin’? We was on all that shit, you know. You remember the goddamn cheat code, A-B-A-C-A-D on the Sega, man. That Blood Code, that shit had n-gas goin’ crazy, you know what I’m sayin’?

When you’re not in the studio, do you guys ever play together?

G: We always ball. We be beefin’ on that shit, man.

J: We be thowed up and play some Mario Party, now. You see some n-as goin’ ham on some Mario Party, ready to fight and everything. It ain’t about no specific type of games, man, we be all across the board with all that shit. If that shit fun, we on it.

You said you would get thowed up and play Mario Party. How often do you get messed up and play?

J: We fucked up all day, man! We don’t know if we’ve even played games sober before. That’s when I get ham on the first person shooters. I get me a little juice, put one of them headsets on, and just talk shit and go in and be a sniper. I’m “PimpSlap83” if you ever get hit by me. We have to smoke a whole zone on that motherfuckin’ God of War, though. Cause you know we gon’ be on that thing all damn night.

G: I was on the beans (Note: Beans=Ecstasy), and I was playin’ this little game, it was like you drive around a little triangle and shoot stuff, and I played that game about seven hours straight. It was like I was really in the ship.

Who’s the better gamer between the two of you?

J: I am.

G: No, he probably only askin’ about sports and shit. I’ll whoop his ass in Madden, but he’ll take me in Mortal Kombat.

J: Sports.

Would you guys ever let yourselves be videogame characters?

G: Hell-fuck-yeah, man! I want to be a Dragon Ball Z character, straight the fuck up. I wanna be a secret player on NBA, all 99’s though. Straight dunkin’ on everybody. Shortest n-ga out there.

Say you could design your own videogame. What would be in it?

J: A whole lotta shit. It’d be one of them NC-17 joints, man.

G: First off, man, it’d be fun. Just know that. There’s a lot of fun shit involved in our lifestyle. We like a rock band. I don’t know how the game would actually be, but it’d be competitive, I know that much. It’d be a two player because you gotta have somebody to go against on something.

Would you be running around trying to get coins like in Mario? Just throwing that out there.

G: Yeah, we be gettin’ coins and shit, finding alleys. It’d be like Rock Band meets something else. Some off the wall type of shit. Almost like some goddamn Matrix type shit. It’d be on some weird-ass shit. It’d take a long time to figure that shit out. It won’t be one of them straight joints. It’d be a lot of puzzles and everything.

Check out PRGz at their official bandcamp page.

-Drew Millard