Chibi-Robo voyeur, a very spiritual successor to Journey, & kids today are terrible at Mario

An augmented reality photo app for 3DS that features Chibi-Robo, Nintendo’s tidy and courteous tiny robot helper, is coming soon (to Japan anyway). All is right in the world.

You know Tim Schafer. I know Tim Schafer. Heir to the modern point and click, thorn in the side of big publishers, pretty funny guy. Well, Tim just sent notice to the backers of Broken Age, explaining how the studio is taking an unusual approach to releasing the game. It’s worth a read. 

The official Sonic fan-boy fest is on. Nerdy, yes… but oh so tempting (to our intern, that is!) 

CAPSULE, the game installation best described as a periscope for your ears, was recently made available for household computing machines.

90 percent of play-testers get stuck at 1-1, the easiest level of Super Mario Bros., Iwata confirms. “Around 70 percent died to the first Goomba. Another 50 percent died twice. Many thought the coins were enemies and tried to avoid them,” he says. This is what the internet is doing to you, people!  (Have a laugh, ok?)

One million have signed up for Final Fantasy XIV’s beta, which is kind of amazing, considering how the last MMO to feature Elixir was kind of a disaster. 

Jenova Chen says his next game will be like Journey, only with friends on the couch rather than strangers over the internet. He goes on to talk about universality and humanity, which means it will probably be zen.

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