Spotify CEO’s first videogame predicted his future as an entrepreneur.

Forbes has a wonderful profile of Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek. Aside from outlining Spotify’s rise to greatness and more than 2.5 million members, the piece outlines a telling tidbit from Ek’s adolescence:

At 14 Ek latched onto the late-1990s dot-com mania, making commercial websites in his school’s computer lab. The going rate then for a commercial home page was $50,000, but Ek charged $5,000 and made it up in volume: He recruited his teenage friends, training the math whizzes in HTML and the artists in Photoshop.

Soon he was netting $15,000 a month and buying every videogame out there (one favorite: a business game called Capitalism).

Capitalism is a business sim game that’s like Sim City meets Wall Street. No wonder Ek glommed onto it.

-Jamin Warren

[via Forbes]