Spotify finally recognizes videogame music

You’d be hard pressed to find a song you want that isn’t on Spotify—except, until recently, beloved soundtracks of games like Halo (2001), Portal 2 (2011), and even the original The Sims (2000). The release of Spotify Gamers has further expanded Spotify’s gargantuan library, including pretty much every blockbuster soundtrack you can think of from the last 10 years. The library is extremely current, including cuts from No Man’s Sky, I Am Setsuna, and Florence and the Machine’s gorgeous additions to the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack.

turns games into sensorial experiences

But they didn’t stop there. Spotify is now treating game music like any other genre, complete with familiar company-curated “mood” playlists and community collaboration (including hand-picked songs from publications like Mashable and GamesBeat). Though not entirely comprised of game music, these playlists do a fine job of matching any given play style, from “Power Gaming” to “RetroWave.”

2016-08-17 18_49_23-New notification

Since its humble beginnings in 2008, Spotify has monopolized the mobile music market, and rightfully so. With a free base version and unlimited play for 10 dollars a month (with much appreciated discounts for students), you have access to millions of songs, and—despite the Apple Music/Tidal beef—a majority of new releases. The ability to download songs directly to your device for offline play has negated the need to purchase music via iTunes or torrenting.

It’s good, then, to see Spotify recognize game soundtracks as the oft-underappreciated art that they are. The sheer popularity and accessibility of Spotify almost guarantees that this music, which turns games into sensorial experiences and experiences into classics, will win new hearts. If you need me, I’ll be listening to some GLaDOS bangers.

Spotify Gamers can be enjoyed for free via “genres” on the app, or on the desktop site here.