The Stanley Parable creator announces The Beginner’s Guide for October 1st

Whatever it was that Davey Wreden put out after The Stanley Parable it was bound to be met with critical and expecting eyes. You can’t make a game that deconstructs the notion of player choice with such gall and humor and avoid having your next creation heavily examined by everyone that plays it. Such is the pressure on Wreden as he announces The Beginner’s Guide today. 

He’s dealing with that pressure by keeping information on the game tightly locked down. As such, I have played The Beginner’s Guide but cannot tell you anything about that experience. Instead, I have a list of things I can reveal to you, and it is a small one. This is what you get: “Davey Wreden, writer of The Stanley Parable, will be launching his new game The Beginner’s Guide on October 1, 2015. A teaser website can be found at”

Are you satisfied with that? 

Don’t worry, there is a little more. Have a chew on this while wondering how on Earth you could follow up something like The Stanley Parable: “The Beginner’s Guide is a narrative, first-person video game that will be available on Windows and Mac.” Are you satisfied with that? I’m not. I wish I could discuss the game a whole lot more but am being asked kindly to refrain and keep it bottled up until this Thursday. Luckily, that’s only a couple of days away. 

Oh wait, I lied, there is a little more. Yes, you get screenshots. A few of them in fact. Take a look at the one above, then move your eyes to the ones below. Enjoy that while you can because that really is all you’re getting. For now…