This Jazzpunk clip is how Terry Gilliam would direct a game trailer

In our feature today we posed it as a question, but the new trailer pretty much verifies that Jazzpunk is the funniest game ever, or at least it will give Octodad a run for its money. When I saw it at an indie game party a year ago, the guys at Necrophone Games told me how they developed it through a process of rapid prototyping—dreaming up whatever wacky idea they could think of, game jamming them over the course of a weekend, and folding their spoils into the game. The result: sheer stylish absurdity, as you can get a whiff of below. And while we’re normally not crazy about the idea of live-action trailers, this one seems to magnify the extravagant humor inherent in the game, not mask the game’s substance.