Step into the Void, play around in it, and share it with others

What is Void, you ask? The simplest way to describe it is, well, how the creators describe it themselves: 

VOID is a conceptional processing magazine for the iPad. It is aimed to bring coding closer to designers, with focus on enhanced user integration and personalization with a strong visual approach.

Still not entirely sure? Well, here’s what you can do with it: the magazine app, with a focus on programming, not only introduces readers to other processing artists, but allows users to explore projects, manipulate live code and immediately take a look at their results. Users can modify sketches, screenshots and video —and save their work in a custom Dropbox folder linked to the app. Last but not least, budding programmers can share their work via email, Facebook and Twitter. 

Right now the app is just a concept, but once development is complete, Void aims to turn your iPad into a canvas, learning tool and gallery all in one. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

Lana Polansky


(thx Daniel!)