Stephen’s Sausage Roll gives you something to chew on

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Stephen’s Sausage Roll (PC, Mac)

Sometimes, you look down at an item of food and wish it was twenty times bigger so you could enjoy more of that food. Other times, you play a game and wish it was twenty times harder so you could play it for longer. Luckily, both are the case with Stephen’s Sausage Roll, a puzzle game about a guy named Stephen who’s sole purpose in life is to grill two giant sausage links to perfection. Stephen’s Sausage Roll is not for the faint of heart or stomach. While the creator describes it as a “simple puzzle game,” it is anything but. You must time your sausage flips perfectly through elaborate contraptions, while also protecting your giant weiners from other hazards. Deceptively simple and outlandishly enjoyable, Stephen’s Sausage Roll will have you chomping on elegant puzzle game design for hours.

Perfect for: Professional eaters, fans of The Witness, pigs

Playtime: Until grilled to perfection

Stephen's Sausage Roll